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Garden Retreat

About this set
Based on my backyard, its a place where you can relax, watch the plants and vegetables grow, sit by the cozy fireplace while watching the birds play, or have a barbecue with some friends. A place of tranquility and silence, escaping from the outside world. I can imagine this set in the backyard of the modular buildings, as a little getaway from the noise in the streets from the everyday life. Maybe connected to a larger plantation, recreational park, playground? Nonetheless, the idea is to promote storybuilding and playfullness.

Why I built this set
There's very few garden sets, and I think theres unexplored areas to expand upon the modular buildings and house sets to create more life to the builds.

I believe this would be a great set
Because stories and life is more than advanced houses and architecture. Its also about those small retriets that lets you escape from the daily life and just enjoy life.

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