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The Gate Tower

Once upon a time, in a faraway land... there was a tall and austere building, that marked the entrance to the city: The Gate Tower.

There the guards were always deployed and the archers ready to shoot the arrows. And their boss, a treacherous sergeant hungry for money, was always lying in wait, ready to ask for big tips in exchange for the pass.

His favorite victim was a poor farmer, who once a month went with his son to the city market to sell the products of his land...

The Gate Tower is inspired by the façade of the classic King's Castle set (6080), but it reinterprets the original model with modern building techniques and a contemporary color scheme. Vegetation plays a big role in the model, giving depth to the landscape.

The set includes:
- a tower over 16 inches (40 centimeters) high
- 7 medieval minifigures (2 archers, 2 men at arms, a sergeant, a farmer and his son)
- 1 horse
- a huge amount of plants and flowers for your parts collection

The unusual charme of this building makes it an original play set as well as an artistical and decorative object for the home. It would look great on your living room bookcase! (Actually I displayed it for three years on mine and every time my niece wanted to play with it :))

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