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An Unlikely Fellowship

 This is a Brickheadz set, but as you noticed, not your typical. The builds includes a Viking Ship large enough to hold up to five Brickheadz! The set includes a Brickheadz model of an old English lady, a Viking, Samoan Warrior, an ancient Samurai, and a kid from the 2000's.

I made this project because, well as I have searched for Lego sets, I've been shocked by the lack sets were you can design detailed models, and then actually play with them. 

The reason I think this build would make such an amazing Lego set, is because with this set, the builder can design the Brickheadz models (and boat), and then make there own story's with all the Brickheadz models!

If you are reading this and thinking, 'By golly, there are no sets that you can design, and actually can play with!' Then I would for one, assume you are British, and, that you are one of the many passionate storytellers in this world. If this is the case, then I invite you on a journey to help make sets, that make storytellers.

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