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JVC GR-C1 Camcorder

This is a model of the JVC GR-C1 from 1984, which was the first all-in-one VHS camcorder. What made this video camera special back in the 80s was that the VHS recorder was built into it. Before this, you would have your video camera connected with a cable to a unit that recorded the video on a VHS tape.
I think the JVC GR-C1 camcorder has a cool design, and it would be a nice display piece in LEGO. The LEGO model has details like buttons, cable sockets and a viewfinder that can be tilted like on the real one.
I hope you like my build of the JVC GR-C1 camcorder.

Number of pieces: 434

Length: 222 mm (8.74 in)
Width: 110 mm (4.33 in)
Height: 104 mm (4.09 in)

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