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Brick-Built Black Falcon Shield 2-in-1

Black Falcon, Forestmen and Crusader shields are featured prominently in Castle LEGO sets from the 1980s and were a memorable part of my childhood. This large brick-built Black Falcon shield accurately reproduces the original minifigure's shield at a size appropriate for display. It is approximately 10 inches wide and 12 inches tall and is constructed from 541 pieces. The shield includes loops on the back that string can be tied through for wall mounting on a nail or hook.

Unlike LEGO official art pieces, this shield is primarily constructed in a studs-up orientation, and it uses a variety of brick orientations and advanced building techniques to achieve the necessary shapes. Both blue and yellow parts are included for the shield frame, allowing either color variation to be constructed, making the set a 2-in-1. Two Black Falcon minifigures are included as a reminder of the shields' origins, one holding the blue variation and the other holding the yellow variation.

This project was inspired by the current enthusiasm for the Medieval Blacksmith and Castle in the Forest sets that reach back to the 1980s Castle themes, as well as the HP Crests sets.

Thank you for viewing my project. Your support is sincerely appreciated.

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