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Modern Modular Furnished Beach Front House


Tune in for more future projects!

Please check my account for more future projects! And a heart-felt thank you to the Lego Staff for their support and making this project a "Staff Pick", and to all who voted for my very first project! Also a thank you to those who took the time to expressed interest in and made terrific suggestions for improvements and additional ideas for this modular modern house in the comment area. I hope to incorporate some of those suggestions in my future projects, when possible.


Photos of House in White/Light Grey (Photoshopped)

I have photoshopped a few photos of this House in white/light grey to give a visual representation of it in neutral colors, which are also part of this project proposal, to market it to the largest audience possible, both children and adults. More photos on flickr


Help me get to my 1000th supporter!

Thanks to being a "Staff PIck", support has grown:

-on June 25th 2014, 500 supporters.

-on June 27th 2014, 599 supporters.

-on July 1st 2014, 663 supporters.

-November 14 2014, 809 supporters.

-February 23 2015, 899 supporters.

-April 25, 2015, 930 supporters.

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