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Lego Technic Dodge Monaco



here I present a scaled Technic model of a Dodge Monaco.
The scale is about 1:19.
It is my first scaled model, so I know that it isn't like the real car.

After seeing the movie The Blues Brothers, I wanted to make a scaled Blues Mobile (a Dodge Monaco).
First I made a bigger model, with as many real function as the real car does. After buildng that car, I made a smaller car with less function.

The functions in this car:
* steering works,
* a working motor in the back of the car (it won't fit in front),
* opening doors,
* interior, with moving steer.
The car is 36 studs long, 13 studs wide and 10 studs high.


If you like the car, please support this project to make it a real set.

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