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MIB 3 1960's Neuraliser


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PLEASE NOTE: The figurines in this image are taken from other sets as substitutes for Agent J and K. These would not be the same as the figurines in the final product if it were released.

Go back to the 1960's with Agent J... and hope you remember your trip afterwards! From Men in Black 3, the 1960's Neuraliser is recreated in the form of LEGO, so now YOU can decide whether Agent J gets mind-wiped or not! This creation based on the movie allows any Minifigure (Agent J, in particular) to lie down, get strapped in and get their memory erased. Just like in the movie, the device spins around and around in crazy- confusing ways! meanwhile, Agent K sits at the desk listening to Agent J's cries for help... will he press the emergency stop button? You decide! For All ages, this set would be great for anybody who's watched MIB 3.


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