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Here's a Rooster build I put together in Studio, a vibrant model that captures the essence of the iconic barnyard animal. The idea for the Rooster came from a desire to create an eye-catching and unique animal build. I wanted to showcase the creativity and versatility of Lego bricks.

Why this would make a great set:
The Rooster's bright colors and detailed features make it a standout piece for any Lego collection.
Building the Rooster teaches about the bird's anatomy to young builders and encourages an appreciation for wildlife.
With a piece count of 843, it's not a massive set, but it's not a small one either, so it will offer a satisfying challenge when completed.
The completed Rooster is a great display piece that adds charm to any shelf or desk.

About the Model:
36.1 cm wide, 28.5 cm long, 34.1 cm tall
The model contains 843 pieces

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