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LEGO Brave: Castle DunBroch

Brave, previously titled The Bear and the Bow, is an upcoming film that will be Pixar Animation Studios' thirteenth animated feature film. The film will be written by Brenda Chapman and directed by both Chapman and Mark Andrews. It will be produced by Katherine Sarafian. The score will be composed by Patrick Doyle. The film was originally scheduled to be released on June 15, 2012, but Pixar moved it back one week to June 22, 2012. The movie is currently in production.

Movie Trailer:

This Project's for the Castle DunBroch, which comes with the Main characters. So it's Disney like Pirates of the Caribbean or Prince of Persia, and Pixar like Cars or Toy Story. Well I can't make any sets, but I could use some help . . . and you would get the credit, like Kingdoms with more fantasy elements? Plus, they already make Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Super Heroes.

Princess Merida with Bow and Arrows.

A Bear named Mordu approaches Merida.

Queen Elinor, King Fergus, Merida, the Royal Triplets; Harris, Hubert and Hamish.

Lords MacGuffin, Dingwall and Macintosh standing with a group.

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