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Modern Kub Kar

Time for a new spin on the old Boy Scout Kub Kar! Here you have the newest concept in KUB KARS for the world using Lego!
A winning combination – Scouting and the Lego modern KUB KAR!

What makes this a good idea is that the scout can design and build their cars following the general limitations for weight and size which are required by the rules of the races.
Each scout can imagine, design and personalize their car however they like. Tools not required!

It could be offered as a base kit which includes the Lego cub scout mini-figure along with the chassis and a body that could be re-designed like the Lego 3 in 1 kits. Different vehicle bodies could be purchased as well as add-on packs for customizing. They could also be modified with existing Lego that you own.

A copy of Baden Powell’s 1929 Royals Royce nicknamed “Jam Roll” might be one of the base cars which could be built.
See the black Lego car example I built. Sorry I didn’t have dark green bricks like his car.

There are scout troops everywhere participate in the annual Kub Kar Rally.

Another idea I have is that Lego could support this learning experience by providing a Lego scouting badge with the kit.

Other Lego Boy Scout concept sets could be:
• Scout tent set
• Outdoor adventure set
• Mountain hike set
• Scout cabin set
• Jamboree set
• Scout obstacle course

Cub scouts are at the perfect age to encourage creativity through building. What better way to help encourage this than with the new Lego Boy Scout series!

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