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Irish Oak Hotel


The rooms of the Irish Oak Hotel are so popular you'll need the luck o' the Irish to get one!

The Irish Oak Hotel would make a great Lego set because it is architecturally interesting, has a highly detailed interior and includes a wide variety of minifigures. It will provide accommodation for your minifigures and is a great display piece.

The Irish Oak Hotel is a corner modular building that is supposed to be a modern interpretation of a medieval Irish castle. Many Irish castles have been turned into hotels, which is where the inspiration for this modular comes from.

The Irish Oak Hotel is unique as it has a more homely and personalised atmosphere. Guests can be entertained with traditional Irish music by the proprietors, sit by the fire and have a chat or explore the  charming building whenever they wish. 

The building is made of 3 floors, plus the roof. The first floor is the reception and drinks area(no alcohol), the second and third floors are guest rooms. Both second and third floors have 3 rooms, so there is a total of 6 rooms. (4 small rooms and 2 large rooms).



  • The entire building features brick details using 1x2 ingot pieces.
  • Chain pieces (2nd floor) have been used to represent the 'chain pattern' which is present throughout the Celtic culture.
  • The middle window of the 2nd and 3rd floor uses an Elves fence piece; the organic look represents the connection to nature also present in Celtic culture.
  • This connection to nature is also found in the ornamental Oak tree on the corner (ground floor) which is where the name for this project comes from.
  • Binocular pieces are used for greebling in the 3rd floor
  • Tap pieces are used for the roof
  • The battlements on the roof continue the castle theme
  • There are two entrances, both with wooden doors and golden bar handles
  • The entrances also feature a lion carving and  green flag
  • There are torches on either side of both entrances with green 'flames', again showing the castle theme
  • The large HOTEL sign has the Irish flag down the side and a shamrock at the top
  • The sidewalk features a beautiful tile pattern of two Irish flags,four shamrocks and gold tiles

Interior  (First Floor)

  • Tongue in groove reception desk: Features opening staff flap, two computers, desk bell,sign-in register with quill
  • Key rack
  • Guest pigeon-holes (where letters and telegrams for guests are kept)
  • Large painting
  • Ship painting
  • Fireplace with mantel,grate and hot coals
  • Fire poker
  • Wooden coffee table and armchairs
  • Drinks Area: Features cash register, small fridge, glassware dishwasher, sink, shelves with bottles, glasses and mock-tail ingredients
  • Lamps
  • Hotel registration
  • Stairs to next level

Interior (Second Floor)

  • Red carpet with gold pattern
  • Framed Irish flag
  • Map painting
  • 1st Small Room includes: Bed,bedside table with lamp, table with telephone, chair,TV,painting
  • 2nd Small Room includes: bed,reading lamp, table , floor vase,table (with bag), chair
  • Both Rooms include an en-suite bathroom which features hand-held shower head, hot/cold fittings , soap holder and vanity basin
  • Large room includes, fireplace with digital clock, TV, chair, table with TV remote,bed, bedside table with lamp and mobile phone (en-suite bathroom is the same as small rooms but includes toilet)
  • Stairs to next level

Interior (Third floor)

  • The third floor has the same layout as the second except for some color changes, different paintings and different items on tables
  • Stairs to roof


  • Sideways placed door from stairs.
  • Two suits of armor (with oak tree shield)
  • Large double-sided Irish flag
  • Chimney


Irish Oak Hotel includes 16 minifigures

Patrick (Hotel Proprietor/Manager, includes Irish flute)

Maggie (Hotel Proprietor/Manager, includes fiddle)

Male tourist (with camera and cash)

Female tourist

Man (father)

Woman (mother)

Boy (son) (with backpack)

Girl (daughter) (with backpack and teddy bear)

Male backpacker*

Female backpacker*

*Both include large backpacks and hiking sticks

Female travel writer (with suitcase)

Businessman (with suitcase)


Irish Oak Hotel includes 3000 pieces



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