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Lockbox with Hidden Key


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This is the Lego Lockbox with Hidden Key. It uses a simple, yet clever, lock-and-key mechanism to secure whatever one may wish to store in it: money, candy, collector cards, etc. This is a fun way to save money or to store other small items. The box is 16 x 16 studs wide and deep (5" x 5") and about 3 5/8" in height. A decoy key is mounted on the back to fool intruders (though it does serve another purpose), while the real key is safely tucked away in a secret compartment in the lid. While the decoy key will not open the Lockbox, it can be used to open the secret compartment housing the real key.

This would make a great Lego set as it is both decorative and useful. Though it does not offer completely impenetrable security, it is a fun way to collect things, especially for kids. The locking mechanism is fun to play with, and Lego could even opt to make two different sets to appeal to boys and girls. If Lego wishes to market the set towards younger builders, they could even include a sheet with various stickers that the builder could use to personalize the Lockbox (e.g. "Keep Out!" "Danger" "No boys/girls allowed"). If Lego wishes to aim at older builders, they can keep the "wooden" motif or go for a more metallic looking set. Either way, it is decorative, functional, and fun to build and use. 

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