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Gastro Alley Food Street


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Gastro Alley is a food street that celebrates the international cultural diversity of LEGO fans from all over the world.

It is highly detailed and features four street food stalls that are each very distinct in offerings, look and build techniques.

To give Gastro Alley visual texture and variety, there are many different interesting elements throughout the build including:

  • A tree with an overflowing rubbish bin at the foot of it.
  • A cat ready to pounce on a large rat rummaging through the rubbish.
  • A fully tiled green picnic table and benches with white metal frames.
  • A European-style lamppost with street sign
  • A realistic gas pipe with meter on the ground.

The base plate measures 32 x I6 studs and is detailed to look like a distressed or well-worn road with potholes, broken surfaces and cobblestone fillings.


The four stalls are each original in design and include a Turkish kebab stall, Italian pizza stand, tiki fruit juice bar and a Japanese ramen stall.

The Ramen stall has an almost Ninjago feel to it. It is distinctively Asian and features an innovative brick built 3D signage with giant chopsticks and a bunch of noodles. The stall includes inbuilt drawer storage space, stove top, Japanese wine, seasoning and a bowl of noodles.

The tiki juice bar is Polynesian-inspired in design and features a slanting roof covered with palm leaves. The vertical supports simulate palm tree trunks and the entire build is made of different shades of brown and tan parts. There are fruit displays and decorations all around the stall as well as a large realistic blender.

The pizza stand bears the iconic colours of the Italian flag in the roof and has a pizza preparation counter with pizza ingredients. The main feature of the stall is a large wood oven pizza. The oven has a wood fire at the base. There is a grill for a decorated pizza tile and an oven hood that leads exhaust out the back of the stand.

The kebab stall is designed to look like a real-life portable stainless steel stall complete with wheels and support stand. There is a tasty slab of meat hanging from a skewer in a heating lamp above a large grill with a splash tray. Two prepared kebabs rest on a stand by the side with a bottle of hot sauce and stack of napkins in the front.


There are a total of eigth Minifigs with this set - four stall vendors and four customers. The stall vendors include the ramen seller, juice bar vendor, pizza chef and kebab stall owner.

The four customers include a man in a business suit with newspaper, boy with a slice of pizza on a napkin, woman in office attire with a phone on a selfie stick and a lady in casual clothes and a notepad on hand.

There is a storyline that accompanies the set. The four food stalls are vying for the converted Brickelin Star (a play on the Michelin Star), the highest honour that a food establishment can receive in the LEGO universe.

One of the four customers is a mystery food reviewer and will determine which stall will get the Brickelin star. Who do you think is the mystery food reviewer?


The build is modular in nature, in that you can easily remove the individual stalls as they are attached to the base plate with jumper plates.

There is another modular element to the set. While Gastro Alley works perfectly as a stand alone display set, it was designed to be easily integrated into any LEGO city, theme park or carnival or will work.

There are different elements on the base place that can be easily re-positioned and orientated so that you can logically place the food street between two modular buildings with its short end facing out. You can of course put it set in lengthwise between two modulars as well. Gastro Alley also fits perfectly as a corner display next to a modular building in a LEGO City.

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