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Stonehenge - The Suspended Stone -


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Stonehenge - the suspended stone  - is one of the most famous buildings in the world.
It is located near Amesbury in England.

It is supposed to be an ancient astronomical observatory, the construction start date is around 3100 BC and the end date is assumed around 1600 BC

I am a lover of ancient history and archeology and any fan of ancient cultures know this site so i decided to make a model of this site.

I consider it a great gift, a piece of furniture to keep on display together with books and memorabilia. so I decided to make a scale model of this archaeological site.

Here is a version ( complete ) based on the plan founded in net.

The arrangement of the stones is very special: depending on which stone was illuminated by the sun, the ancients knew exactly what day it was.
As you can see by the model there are closer stones and other more spaced in order to follow the sun's rays

The number of pieces used is about 1000 including the base measuring 44x44 stud


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