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Wildwood Dragon


General Description

The Wildwood dragon is a magnificent, gargantuan and awe-inspiring beast. The creature completely dwarfs old-fashioned dragons, and makes mere snacks out of minifigures and microfigures.

The dragon is approximately 2' 6" in length, and has a wingspan of about 1' 9", with over 400 pieces put into making it. It's completely poseable, and will go well with any setting, be it medieval, modern, sci-fi, etc.!

Side Note:

The minifigure in the size comparison picture is not meant to be included.

The Creation Story

This is the second version of my original Jungle Dragon, with much more detail and awesomeness! The original idea came from about 3-5 years ago when I was simply creating creatures at random. After making that same creature on here, I updated it to have a much greater wing set and more.

Why should the stores have it?

With dragons being a very low topic at Lego, finding one that meets and even exceeds the size of bionicles isn't exactly easy nowadays. And the fact that the creature is fully poseable makes it a must-have for anyone who loves dragons!

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