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Lexcorp locomotive

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This set contains a Lexcorp Locomotive, a Kryptonite cell car,2 strait tracks, 3 curve tracks,
Lex luthor and Superman.
This is my 1st Cuusoo project and I would be extreamly pleased if it becomes a real set.

The story goes: Superman is captured by Lex Luthor using Kryptonite. He then uses his newly built locomotive to take him to his base. Can Superman use his last ounce of power to break out you decide!

This is the main feature if Superman has the strength to push the bars off, you simply flick the roof and bars off for Superman to flop out!
There would be one sticker (or printed :D) on the control panel in the cab for more detail.
I would also love to relese a Lexcorp factory with a platform for the train.
This set would cost from £15.50 to £19.99.


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