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Hello Lego fans and thank you all for your attention.

I'm very excited for this opportunity because this is my first project and I hope you enjoy it. I love greek culture and in particular the tales of greek mythology so I decided to create a set that represents a character from these stories, Atlas.

This is not a classic set, but a true work of art to show in your own home. The model in its simplicity contains some advanced construction techniques to create a gem to add to their collection.

The model was built in about two months using a program for the pc called LDD then move on to the actual construction. The set consists of three parts: the basic building where rests the character of Atlas and ball.

To support the ball have been used advanced techniques similar to the techniques used in the art.

Some construction details:

  • More than 800 pieces
  • 12.5 cm wide and 12.5 cm Size of depth
  •  27 cm height
  • Main white and light gray colors
  • Baseplate 16x16
  • A real ball Lego

Perfect for a great gift idea and for all Lego Fans.

Comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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Have a good fun.

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