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Eddsworld Tords Giant Robot


Hi, guys, I'm back with another set this one is about the giant robot from a webtoon called Eddsworld. This was made to look accurate to the original. This build has a cannon/rifle on one hand and a claw on the other, the robot here is also fully poseable. The head is able to open and you're able to put Tord in it. There are also minifigures of Tom, Tord, Edd, and Matt.

I built this project because I thought that this would make a great set, the robot was the best choice for Lego Eddsworld. I also think that since Eddsworld ended two years ago I think this would be a good way to remind people of it. I believe this would be a great set because the robot is entertaining to play with. I also think that it would be good because its accurate to the webtoon and people would love the minifigures

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