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Hotel Transylvania Car


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About the model
This is a car that looks like the car in Hotel Transylvania, but made with LEGO.
It's based on the one that appears in "Hotel Transylvania 2", but it is also on screen in "Hotel Transylvania", so i write that here too.
- Designing time: about 18 hours
- Pieces: 950

Special features
Easily removable top  -  to get access to the inside

Openable rear doors  -  to get access to the cargo from the back

A coffin  -  this is the cargo in the back of the car

Removable lamps (2 on each side) - to give light when dark

Curtains that can be rounded up or removed  -  to let in light or to see what's inside from the outside

Openable doors on the sides  -  that's where the minifigures can get in

Slidable engine-covering plate at the front of the car  -  to get a better view at the evil engine

Rotatable steering wheel  -  for a more realistic experience

Lever as gear shift  -  for a more realistic experience

Sloping 1x1 brick peace as accelerator  -  decoration

Dashboard representing radio and speedometer  -  the radio is an important accessory in the movie

Child seat on the first row of seats  -  to sit the "Denisovich" character in there

A cupholder  -  decoration

Exhaust pipe from the engine all the way to the back  -  decoration

A custom made rascal that can be attached to the side or removed from the side - to sit the character "Blobby" in there


The licence
NOT BASED on my OWN THOUGHTS! - The model is a recreation with LEGO of a car seen in the movies I talk about below.
This project is based on two movies: "Hotel Transylvania" and "Hotel Transylvania 2". The films mentioned before were made by Sony Pictrues Animation and were distributed by Columbia Pictures.


I think it would need 7 minifigures:

1. Blobby - the one on the rascal
    Either make a creature that looks like him in the movie, or make a sticker for my custom Blobby on the picture.

2. Drac

3. Wayne

4. Invisible man
    It could be a minifigure made out of white transparent parts

5. Murray

6. Frankenstein
    A big one

7. Denisovich
    A little kid

Thanks for checking out
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If you haven't seen the movies yet, go watch them, or take a look at their trailers.

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