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Red Deer


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The Project

The project consists of a red deer stag, a hind with her almost-grown calf, and a tree or two. The deer are of the design pictured (allowing for improvements). They have jointed legs and necks, enabling them to climb hills, jump over logs, and eat acorns, in their Lego world. If this project were made into a set, it would allow this design for deer to be built in the proper colors (see The Origin).

The Origin

Unsatisfied with existing designs for deer (in minifigure scale), I worked at creating my own. I eventually realized that some of the pieces in my design were not available in the right colors. So, I started formulating my Lego idea. I modified my deer to change it from a white-tail to a red deer, and, after working on it some more, came up with this project.

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