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The Life of the Great, Ole Kirk Kristiansen


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With this build we are showing the life story of Ole Kirk Kristiansen and are celebrating the 'lego'cy he left behind him.

We believe everyone should know where LEGO® originated, so please support this idea and tell everyone you know about it to help us make this build a reality. This build looks great as a display sitting on a shelf, as it is 64 studs wide and 16 studs deep.

It starts in black and white, with him as a boy, playing with blocks on the floor. His parents are seated on the couch behind him drinking coffee beside a roaring fire.

The scene moves on to Ole Kirk Kristiansen's first woodwork shop, where it all began. We've added the classic wooden duck that represents the start of it all. This shop, as you may know, burnt to the ground, and this we have shown by placing flames out the back window. (Actually, two of his workshops burnt down, but we didn't have the space to put both in. Plus it may get a bit repetitive.)

We skip some time and move on to when he bought his first plastic moulding machine in1946. The Brick as we know it was invented a few years later in 1958.

And lastly, a party, held by iconic minifigures (40 year celebration police offficer, Classic red and white bennys, Brick suit Guy, Brick suit Girl, and some random lady in the background with a burnt carrot.) celebrating 90 years of LEGO® play. Behind them the party tables are covered with food, but, more importantly, the table at the front is covered in LEGO® sets.

We had a lot of fun building this, and are excited to show you all.

Isaac and Jesse.

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