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Archaeological Dig


Dr. Arch and his two companions have stumbled onto the tomb of King Shayra! While celebrating their success, little did they know the tomb carried a curse that would bring the dead King back to the world of the living...

This set is based on the adventures of an archaeologist named Doctor Jesse Arch. With him are Bane Miss, his loyal assistant, and Wolfgang Strasse, the demolitions expert. Also included is the skeleton of King Shayra.

I spent too much time the other day watching the Indiana Jones movies and the Stone movies, and decided to make a set about an archaeologist and his crew finding a tomb containing a cursed skeleton.

Included are Doctor Arch's tracked personal vehicle and Wolfgang's cargo truck. The little tomb itself contains King Shayra's casket and all the treasures he was buried with. The tracked vehicle has a back that opens up for storage of items, and the cargo truck contains a flatbed that Wolfgang can store his crates on.

I hope you enjoy looking, and support this project!

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