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Great Moments in History: 1776 - The Signing of the Tordesillas Treaty


Hi everybody,

I would like to present to the Lego Ideas Community the second project of my "Great Moments in History" series:

1494 - The Signing of the Treaty of Tordesillas,

which is based on a painting that you can find here:

On June 7th, 1494, Portugal and Spain signed a treaty at the Spanish city of Tordesillas; through this treaty, they agreed on how newly discovered lands outside Europe would be divided. Together with the Discovery of America by Columbus in 1492 and the Voyage of Gama to India in 1498, this is considered one of the key moments of the late 15th-century.

The proposed project consists of a medium-sized vignette with 16x16 studs and 426 pieces (minifigures included). If you compare with the painting, the proposed project displays the main players in the scene. At the back of the vignette, a copy of the original document is shown. The document is presently included in the Memory of the World Register, by UNESCO.

Hope you find this project interesting and consider voting and sharing it. After all, it would be a nice opportunity to have a small piece of history on your desk.

Thank you for looking

PS - You can find the first project of this series:

Great Moments in History: 1776 - The Declaration of Independence of the United States,

at this link:

More will follow!


PPS - Just for information, the set was constructed using "LDD 4.3". Ray-traced images were produced using "LDD to POV-Ray Converter", version and "POV-Ray v3.7".

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