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Captain Underpants - Brickheadz Figures of George Harold and Captain Underpants

the idea:

The familiar characters from Dav Pilkey's books - can now leave the pages and be built in Lego.
My idea was actually a combination of my two favorite hobbies - building, designing and playing with Lego, and reading books by Dav Pilkey. Dav Pilkey's books are endowed with a sophisticated, maddening and exceptional sense of humor and their illustrations are characterized by minimalism and maddening ideas and art that observes itself with humor and wisdom - which can To actually help these books become Lego sets.

This set is a set of Brickheadz figures of the main characters in one of Dav pilkey's series - "Captain Underpants" - George and Harold - the two friends who write comics together with George the writer and Harold the illustrator, and Captain Underpants - the hero of their most successful series who became real after an incident with Mr. Krupp - The cruel principal of the school where George and Harold attend, when he caught them, and in order to escape, they hypnotized him.

the build:

The set consists of the following:
George Beard Brickheadz figure
Harold Hutchins Brickheadz figure
Captain Underpants Brickheadz figure
3 bases for the Brickheadz figures
George Beard minifigure
Harold Hutchins minifigure
Captain Underpants minifigure
A special stand for the George Beard minifigure
A special stand for the Harold Hutchins minifigure
A special stand for Captain Underpants minifigure

total parts in the set: 297

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