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Crab Loader


Originally I designed this vehicle for a short film I created while I was studying animation in university and once I had completed it I thought "why not make this out of Lego!". 

I wanted to create something that was futuristic yet feasible in today's world. I love industrial vehicles and animals and with this in mind I essentially merged an excavator with a crab! 

I designed the arm with a friction based piston that allows for a considerable load to be carried by the arm. It's articulated with a swivel at the base, two points in the arm itself and the claw attaches with a ball and socket allowing for grips at different angles. The legs also employ ball and socket joints allowing for different poses! 

Thank you for looking at my project! If you'd like to check out my animation this build is based on you can see it here:

And If you'd like to see some of my other Lego builds you can check out my Flickr page here:

Thanks and have a nice day! 

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