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The Bridge to Catazumel


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Catazumel is under siege! The knights who dwell in this mountain castle must defend against the dark warriors who seek to take the throne. Raise the gate and face the enemy by sword and shield, or climb up to the ramparts and shoot arrows from above! Just remember not to going swimming, or the alligator might have a feast!


This project will likely be part of the Castle Theme, but it is a stand-alone project. It doesn't connect to any other set like the Modular Buildings do, but it fits with the rest of the Castle sets in coloring and overall design. I built this set with 6 minifigures. This number may be reduced by removing one of the "bad guys" if needed. If there are still too many minifigures, one of each type of knight may be removed, leaving only 4. I have also included an alligator, which is shown under the bridge in the main image. Each knight has a shield and a sword, a breastplate, a helmet, and a hairpiece to be used when the helmet is taken off. There are also three bows, and three knives. These are intended for the good knights, but they can be used for either side, of course.

I have included several fun features in this project. Apart from the awesome architectural design, I have included a gate that can be raised and lowered. Inside the castle, there are three floors. On the first floor, there is a desk, a chandelier, and a ladder to the second floor. Safety comes first, so I have installed a railing around the ladder on the second floor. There is also an armory with knives, bow and arrows, and of course, swords. The third floor is made up of a staircase and ramparts from which a bowman could shoot arrows at the enemy. There are three towers for decoration, and a bridge which can be removed from the castle if needed. 

This castle contains 3 sections that can come apart for easy transportation. These are the castle, the bridge, and the staircase up to the bridge. The castle itself is narrow, and it has no back. This will provide ease of access to the inside of the castle, giving it more playability. By purchasing more than one of this set, a builder could easily expand the castle and bridge. As such, it would not necessarily be unreasonable to buy more than one. 


Please feel free to support and comment on this project. As usual, I will reply to any questions that are asked in the comments. Also, if you have any suggestions for improvements, please share! I can always tweak certain elements if it will make the project better as a whole. I hope you enjoy my project!

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