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Playable Arcade Game: Race!


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Welcome to my project!

The first ever arcade game fully functional and playable! This game not only turns the tread, but also shuts down if you hit another car! As you race your car by turning the big wheel, you try to dodge all of the other cars, trucks, and even trains... but if you hit one beware! The game will shut down and you will lose!

The basic concept of how this model works is built entirely upon the power functions battery box. It has a switch that slides back and forth, so I hooked the whole entire game “map” to a platform on smooth tiles, and hooked that to the battery box, so when the front lever is pulled, the game begins, and when a car is hit, it pushes the platform back, causing the game to stop! 

This project would be a revolutionary LEGO set because of the total functionality! I also assure you that this idea was already in the making when the LEGO Nintendo NES system came out. I had already designed the map using treads like the one the LEGO set does, and did NOT copy it. Mine actually works like a real one would and is playable, not just watchable.

If you like this project and want to see it become a real LEGO set, make sure to support! I also have made a video to show you the functionality, so after you watch that, make sure to subscribe to my LEGO YouTube channel!


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