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Pizza Restaurant in the Park


Hello! Thank you for taking the time to check out this project!

The Basics

This project depicts a restaurant in a park that serves one thing and one thing only: pizza. Next to the pizza restaurant is a small covered area where a band is performing. Nearby is a fruit tree to provide some greenery to the scene. There are sixteen minifigures included.

The Band

Under a small covered area, a four-person band is performing for their three loyal fans, who are raising their hands in the air in happiness. The drumset is based off of a real one, and is therefore as accurate as I could make it. A female pianist and a male guitarist also accompany the singer.

The Pizza Restaurant

Next to the area where the band is performing, a pizza restaurant attracts many customers. Outside, there is a trash can to prevent littering. Other than the one on the door, there are three windows in the restaurant. One is next to the door, another is above the sink in the kitchen, and a third is on the side of the building and is nearby the ordering area, in between the dining area and the kitchen. A sign reading "Pizza" created out of some red plates, red studs, and a curved track piece sits on top of the simple tan roof. Inside, blue tables, a blue floor, and white benches and chairs provide a comfortable space for diners to enjoy their freshly made pizzas. One table seats two, and the other seats four, where four diners are currently enjoying a pizza. At the ordering counter, an employee hands over a pizza to a man. All pizzas are put onto red plates. The kitchen is mostly white to complement the blue floor. However, a red oven and red sink provide a pop of color. The chef is currently preparing another pizza.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to check out this project!

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