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Brownstone Apartment

This is a modular brownstone apartment like those seen in cities everywhere. (For those who say, "But it's gray, not brown!", "brownstone" refers to the style of the building.) It has two accessible floors connected by a spiral staircase.

The first floor is the living area of the building. It contains a small (but complete) kitchen with a refrigerator, a sink, cabinets, and an oven. I am still working on integrating a small upright piano into the room, but at least I do have one necessity-- a flatscreen TV with a couch. Through the front window a graceful unsupported spiral staircase can be viewed, connecting the two floors.

Next I move to the top floor. This floor is mainly a sleeping area. A small twin bed sits against the wall across from the master bathroom (also the only bathroom) which contains all that a FULL bathroom should have-- (at least) a shower, a toilet, and a sink. A nearby balcony beckons at the back of the room; which brings me to the façade of the brownstone.

At the front of the building alternating flat 1x2 and 1x2 plate w/ knob bring the eye of the beholder to a beautifully sculpted roofline (believe me, this took the longest time).

Well, thanks for looking and please comment/support!

(By the way, this was made using LDD)

Kitchen area-- I am hoping to add a piano soon.

View of upstairs bathroom.

Back of building.

View of first floor from street. (Just look at the beautiful spiral staircase!!) You can sort of see the living area (aka TV area) at the back.

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