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Space Hotel Alien Party!!!


Many centuries after the human race became extinct, Martians discovered the vibe of vacation. Elonus Muskinto built a Space Hotel to entertain all Martians. Thanks to "ancient" human technology and bright ideas, our little friends can now enjoy the wonders of uhmmm... a hotel? In space? OK its pretty cool.

I built this because our little Martian friends deserve some vacation. Space Sci-Fi is: Space battles, Exploration, Trading and way more. But what do you do between all of that? Vacation!!! This would be a great LEGO set because you will need a break between all of your hard work. So what are you gonna do today? Discover ancient creatures? Do a treasure hunt? Fight your greatest enemies? Whatever you are gonna do: Prepare yourself with an unforgettable experience in the Space Hotel!


- 1 Hotel

- 6 rooms for Martians

- 1 meeting room

- 1 landing pad

- 3 automatic doors

8 mini-, no, Martian-figs

- Mart (the red one)

- Martin (the green one)

- Marty (the grey one)

- Marlin (the yellow one)

- Marco (the white one)

- Marcus (the purple one)

- Bob (the blue one)

- Hologram of Martian (Bob)

1 Modified NASA rocket, Martian style

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