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A Mermaid In The Aquarium

A mermaid in the aquarium
Hello everybody
This set shows a mermaid in an aquarium. She is sitting on a rock and is holding a starfish in her hand. Next to her is a trident in the sand. There are also three beautiful fish in the aquarium. Behind her you can see some aquatic plants.

I think it is not nice for mermaids to be out of the sea. They might dry up, so you always have to provide them with water. With the aquarium, a mermaid can take part in activities outside the sea.

The set is very decorative, you can put it on the desk or in a showcase. It can also be integrated into any lego city where a mermaid comes to visit.

It consists of only 61 bricks, including the parts of the minifigure.

I hope you like the little mermaid.

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