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LEGO Tom & Jerry: Book Ends


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After re-watching a few episodes of Tom and Jerry I got really inspired to create a set around it. This is when I came up with the Idea for these Book ends!

You can use this set as a Tom and Jerry Diorama or you can place them up against the Lego books included (or even the Box set of Tom and Jerry DVD's) and I think it's a perfect Display model either way!

So... In this 1400+ Piece model you can re-live the greatest rivalry in TV History between the Most famous Cat and Mouse. Can Tom catch Jerry through the Mouse hole without setting off the traps? Or will Jerry escape by burning Tom's hand?

As always I'm pleased with this model and I try to get most parts perfect before uploading the sets, so I hope you guys like it!

Thanks a lot for your support and lets see how far this can get!

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