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Cloudbusting - Kate Bush (Music Video)

The 1980's was the golden era for music promotion videos/mini-movies.
It became very popular for artists to create mini-movies to go along with their track. These would involve some heft budgets and state-of-the-art production but instead of being 90 mins and some, you'd get a story in roughly five!
One of my all time favourites is for "Cloudbusting by Kate Bush. It's a sad story of a boy remembering "cloudbusting" with his inventor dad before government agents arrest and take his dad away.
(That's the really short version. I would recommend reading up on the bigger story if you want to know more.)
The track is special to me because it takes an emotional, yet uplifting slant on the pain of loss. This build was personal for me. To quote the song lyric "'Cause every time it rains. You're here in my head. Like the sun coming out. I just know that something good is gonna to happen."

For me, starting to heal through play is very valuable.
If I said "Lego helps me" I know I'm not alone.

If you like the amazing talent of Kate Bush, then this would make a neat display piece. Also if you like the 1980s, then you'd have a miniature version of one the most iconic videos of the decade. This would also have some appeal for those that enjoy the lighter side of steampunk or inventions in general. You may even enjoy the classic car involved - a 1930s Buick Series 90!

I built this in
The cloudbusting machine itself represented a great technical challenge to get the scale and shape to look like the music video. There were less than-700 parts used with a small handful requiring plausible re-colours.
I also wanted to test out the animation features in for the first time. I hope you enjoy the results!

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