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Short Circuit Nova Robotics Truck

Johnny 5 is Alive!!! This set is based off the lovable Short Circuit movies where a lovable robot is struck by lightning causing a malfunction, but as Stephanie says in the movie “Life is not a Malfunction”!!! I have created the iconic Nova truck along with four characters…Johnny 5, as well as Nova Robot Number 1, Newton Crosby (played by Steve Guttenberg), and Ben Jabituya (played by Fisher Stevens). The Nova Truck has opening driver and passenger side doors, a ramp that opens from the back, and the sides lift up to show the inside of the truck for lots of play action! The inside of the van has many computers and technical panels like in the movie as well as a locker to keep spare parts ( notice the extra Nova Robot head)! Johnny is ready for tons of input and lots of fun adventures! Unlike the real Johnny you can disassemble this set and rebuild it for many new adventures! Johnny even has his Red Toolbox from the second movie. I always wanted a Johnny 5 toy when I was younger, and now that I made one for myself I thought others would love to play with him as well!!!

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