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Garden Gazebo


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Enjoy a relaxing break at the Garden Gazebo! This beautiful piece features: 

- 3 Brick-built streetlights with blue "glass" bulbs.
- Large, round gazebo with 4 staircases. Perfect for a city park, bandstand, or whatever you want!
- Small fountain to add to the parklike setting. 
- Large assortment of flowers surrounding the gazebo, of two different types in four flower beds. 
- 634 pieces. 
- Garden Gazebo fits neatly onto one 16x16 baseplate. 

This neat gazebo is an excellent addition to any modular city or city park, or perfect as a standalone model. The included flowers can also be used for a neat garden or greenhouse in one of your other MOCs. There are tons of uses for this set! 

Now that you're here, please add your support, we'd love to be the project that YOU help to get to that 10,000 mark! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your dog! Or cat, frog, rabbit, hamster, snake, guinea pig, goose, ducks, chickens, horses, pigs, goats, am I forgetting anything? 

If you want this cool model on your desk, it's up to you to VOTE! Thank you! :) 

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