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Village Docks

What it is: 

This model depicts part of a scenic village on the coast with docks, bridges and small shops, loosely based off the architecture of old British seaside towns. Around the buildings, market stall and pier, minifigures and animals are going about their day. The stone building on the left of the model is a shop selling fishing and water sports equipment such as scuba diving suits, oars and surfboards. Built around it is a crane to move supplies onto and off the small boat, which can dock at the pier. On the boat there is two containers, an outboard motor and a fishing rod. The other building is a small house for one of the people who works at the docks, with a clock, bed, oven and table. The market stall next door sells a range of food, from bread to fresh fish from nearby. 

This model includes five minifigures, a cat, a seagull and a small bird.

Why I built it:

I built this model after visiting a small seaside town where every building seemed to have a story to tell. I found that the mix of architectural styles and bright colours translate well into Lego. 

I estimate that the build has around 1500 pieces.

This model is also 32 studs wide so could fit into a modular layout, albeit with some modification.

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