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The Orca Submarine


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This is The Orca Submarine, the most advanced submarine in the world to assist the study of the amazing orca whales.

Besides camouflaging among the whales, it has excellent mobility thanks to the best designer on the planet: nature.

The sub is not only useful for studying underwater life, but also can be very fun.

You can dive in any direction at high speeds and perform great jumps out of water.

It is equipped with two multi-directional side turbines on the fins and a high power propeller on the tail.

Tail and fins are mobile and provide high stability and mobility.

In the interior it has advanced computers, radar, sonar, a double deck cabin for pilot and navigator and two seats for scientists or passengers.

On the back are the two tanks and systems responsible for the oxygen support, the submersion and emersion, and the non-pollunting power generation.

I believe it would make a great LEGO set because it has an excellent design, a great playability, nice functions, and also because its draws attention to the fact that technological advancement can be made in harmony with nature.

Thank you all! Have fun!

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