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The Lost Tomb: Tomb of the Golden King

Legends speak of a king, so wealthy he would bathe himself covered in gold dust.
This king had such riches that he might just as well be the king of the legendary El Dorado!
The tomb has long been forgotten and lost. Or is it?

Take a journey to somewhere deep in the rain-forest, where suddenly you find it, the tomb!
Although the building seems ruined and looted, the actual tomb is still very much intact, guarded by the golden king and his undead guards hidden within the walls. 
- Do not disturb the tomb! -

The set is built with 2200 bricks (including minifigures).

  • Jungle landscape with river
  • Ruined tomb that slides open
  • Secret tomb
  • Hinge-able wall hiding undead guards
  • Canoe
  • Rope-bridge crossing the canyon

This build is made with 2 main purposes, aesthetics and play-ability.
For the aesthetics I've tried to build a lush green outcrop with a temple so ruined, it just blends in.
As far as playing goes, We've got 4 characters: the archaeologist, the undead golden king and his 2 guards. This is a breeding ground for great story based play-time

I hope you all enjoy this set!

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