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Angler Fish

Hey there! I hope you enjoy my newest idea, Angler Fish!

There are many different creatures on this Earth, many on land, but the majority are beneath the waves. There are many coral reefs, kelp forests, and vast open oceans. There are also very deep dark places (the twilight zone).This is where this fish comes in. Even though he does look kind of creepy, I think these types of fish are pretty cool. My model is a lot like the angler fish. Using a light as a lure, the angler fish can catch its prey! That's pretty awesome!

You probably noticed the almost switch like thing on the side of the base of the model. You swivel that back and forth to make it appear as if the fish is moving! And the tail fin is posable!

I think this would be a cool idea that would hopefully someday, be resting on store shelves. There are not many aquatic animal builds that become sets, so it would be cool if this made it!

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