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InterCity 2


Hi guys,

This time I'm going to present you my "IC 2" this is the newest Inter-City train in Germany.

This set contains three things §unfortunatly§ 1st is the "BR 146", 2nd is a normal coach, and on the 3rd place is the control coach in german:"Steuerwagen".
This time it's only 2 because if I $attach$ one more I'll go over the 3000 bricks rule. One coach is about 750 bricks.

My first thought on these trains was: they look very cool and maybe they go over 160km/h(thats the nomal speed, these bi-level coaches are allowed to go),maybe they go to 200km/h, but if you look at the bottom in the middle of one of them you can see a 160 which stands for 160km/h which is kind of sad, but they still look cool.

Don't worry: I colored the windows lightgrey to save a lot of time in the rendering process, if I wouldn't do that, it takes about 20 hours and if I do like this it just takes 1 hour.

Before you ask: My trains can't be motorized. If you tring to do so it's going to take you your life. I tried it myself on my IC 2 (comming soon!) and it took me 3 days to even think of how to do it and doing so took another 3-4 days. :) Everything was done in LDD.

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