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Backyard trees.


This Lego Idea contain +/- 90 pieces. Without Figures. Time to do: 1 hour. Age: 10+

It is an Idea that clearly intends to value the nature and the simple (and important) things of life.

This an idea based in a backyard with trees, birds and fruit. It is a kind of Lego wildcard scenario that can be easily putted on other Lego scenarios and / or to enchant with the nostalgic remembers of the tenderness times.

In addition to the two original Lego trees made in this project, there are also landscape and decoration elements.

It has a reasonable assembly challenge level and has some creative elements that resemble Expert models, but only in a fun way and without taking hours and hours of assembly challenges to complete this Lego Idea [scenario / set].

Simple and fun Idea to assemble in about 1 hour, and break on with the magic of an afternoon of fun in a backyard of dirt and grass, as in a yard that has trees.

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