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MasterChef is a competitive cooking reality show originating in the United Kingdom. The basic idea of the show consists of amateur chefs selected from across the country who compete in various cooking challenges. Celebrity chef judges critique the contestants' dishes, and contestants are successively eliminated until one is crowned winner and awarded a MasterChef trophy. MasterChef is currently produced in over 45 countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, South Africa, Italy, Portugal, Spain, South Korea, and Turkey.

The present project is inspired by the original U.S. Version of the show, featuring celebrity chef judge Gordon Ramsay.

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Built using LEGO Digital Designer, this project is divided into 3 main modules: the kitchen, the stage, and the pantry.

Kitchen (206 pieces)

The kitchen module is where contestants feverishly prepare their concoctions to try to impress the judges. It features a total of six stations, divided into three rows of two. Each station includes a cooktop, oven, drawer, counter with cutting board, storage space, as well as a shared sink. The front row also showcases a backlit "MasterChef" signage.

Stage (94 pieces)

The stage module is where the judges preside for much of the show, are where contestants present their dishes to be critiqued. It features a raised platform with a back glass wall. Both showcase the MasterChef logo.

Pantry (413 pieces)

The well-stocked pantry module is where contestants pick and gather their ingredients for their creations. It features a centre station full of various fruits and vegetables, as well as a selection of fresh herbs. Along the side wall are two shelves full of sauces, spices, and other useful ingredients. Lastly, along the back wall is a table of breads, a large refrigerator, as well as MasterChef logo.


The judge minifigs are based on the celebrity TV personalities featured in the original U.S. version of the show, namely Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and Joe Bastianich. All have custom torsos and faces to reflect their trademark look and style of attire. The contestants, meanwhile, are wearing the MasterChef apron represented by custom torsos and leg prints.

Comments, questions, and constructive feedback of this model is greatly appreciated!

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