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The Forbidden Mine: Coaster

The Roller Coaster you've been waiting for has just arrived. Enter the Forbidden Mine: Coaster! It has every little detail I could build into it, including, a boarding station, ticket booth, merchandise cart, maintenance facility, an abandoned mine, waiting line, height measuring stick, a ride photo pickup kiosk, TWO cart braking systems, one cart slowdown station, and of course, three cast members, a ride technician, and four tourists.

The only way this Lego will be made a set is with YOUR SUPPORT. YOU are essential to this model's success. If you like this idea, PLEASE SUPPORT! Additionally, I am happy to receive any comments on how I could improve this set on the comments below. I will be happy to receive criticism and will gladly try my best to improve this Lego. Keep reading below to find all the details this set has to offer.

Starting with the boarding station, this area of the model includes a variety of details and features. It has a wait time indicator, a height stick, and a braking system, making the cart stop right on the station. It is controlled with a black piece hidden on the left side of it. In addition to all of this, it has several props hidden along the waiting line. The photo kiosk near the exit is a really neat kiosk where your minifigs can pick up their ride pictures that were taken while they were on board.

The ticket booth and merchandise cart both are built with studs facing in several directions, guaranteeing a fun and interesting build.

The maintenance facility features the second breaking station, allowing two carts to be run at the same time preventing crashes. It has a track switch allowing the carts running on the track to be transferred there for repairs or storage.

The abandoned mine and mountain provide plenty of detail and scenery to the set, something that previous Lego Coasters do not have. It also has a camera that takes pictures of the mini-figures on their thrilling ride.

One of the coolest features of this model are the breaking and slowdown systems. When a cart breaks it results in it bouncing back and providing the uncomfortable sensation of being thrown around. Thanks to the built-in slowdown station, it brings the cart to a gradual stop into the boarding station.

The eight minifigures each have their own unique personality. Included are: Two ride cast members, they are in charge of making sure the minifigs safely board the ride cart. One other cast member is in charge of the merchandise cart. There is also one ride technician who makes sure everything is working smoothly. If something breaks down, he goes to the maintenance facility and fixes whatever may be wrong. Finally, we have four tourists. One is eager to ride but may end up using the bathroom a few times, another is not eager to ride but ends up a whole lot happier than his sick companion (mostly because he is still alive). Finally, the little girl, who is a tad under the height requirement is with her mother buying some souvenirs, watching her older brothers have fun on the ride. 

Thank you for taking your time to read this. If you like my idea PLEASE support it!!! As I said before, without your help, this stands no chance. Please Support!!! Thank you so much and have a great day.

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