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Portal 2 - GLaDOS vs Chell and Wheatley


The big update

I redesigned the set, almost entirely but it's mostly the same. I made a new version of GLaDOS using the same structure and now it's an independent module (no Wheatley or Chell attached to GLaDOS' base). Wheatley and Chell are in their own baseplate now with the red button and the connection port. Because I added the turret and the companion cube (which is my own build now instead of a modified version from the Dimensions set), I decided to create a new section with a door to display the turret and the cube. Also, I added two walls with portals. I think this is something that should have been in this project since the beginning.

You can see all of this in this video. Enjoy!


Potato GLaDOS and Wheatley as GLaDOS

I update the model so you can switch between Wheatley and GLaDOS as the responsible for Aperture Science. But remember, GLaDOS will need the potato battery to survive!

For the potato GLaDOS, I used the new gold rock piece. I like that this piece makes GLaDOS look like a brain with a robotic eye.


Turret and companion cube

I added to my project the turret and the companion cube.The turret in the same scale/style as the GlaDOS and Wheatley. For the companion cube, I used the plates from the Lego Dimensions pack, but I will update it with a brick built version.

 Here's a video building both of them. You can see how I built them and the pieces I used:

Thank you for the support! This is going very well!

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