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Message from Paal Smith-Meyer, New Business Group Senior Director of LEGO® , about the decision of commercializat

With all the support for the SHINKAI 6500, we have decided to launch an official LEGO® set based on the original ideas from @guy in 2010.

This is a milestone in the relationship between the LEGO® Group and all of you who love LEGO® in creating new LEGO® products for the world to enjoy.


In the coming months we will reveal more about the final product and date for arrival in Japan.

Congratulatory message from LEGO® for 1,000 votes!


Shinkai 6500 comments:

Dear @guy and the community of supporters around the Shinkai 6500.

We want to congratulate you as the first wish to pass 1000 pledges.
The Shinkai has proven to have a great following and it has been exciting to follow the development from Billund. Based on the pledges collected we will now review the proposal as a potential for manufacturing and sales point of view.

The development of a traditional LEGO® model takes many months of refining the model to create a great building experience and building instruction, ensure good playability and optimization for manufacturing. If we have a successful review we will develop the model and get back to you with a final design for the Shinkai 6500.

Received the concept model computer graphics!

Shinkai 6500 comments:

Congratulations to @guy and the community around the Shinkai 6500 for passing 500 votes.

We have looked at the images and investigated the Shinkai 6500 on our own.
Steen Sig Andersen one of our veteran designers has made the first concept model for how we could see this amazing deep seas vessel as a LEGO® model.
In the image you can see Steen and his proposal which is built in 4 modules to make it easier to build and gives the model a better form. The size is approximately 1:50 scale.


Exploded view of the 4 modules.

We think it could be interesting to make the Shinkai on a little stand with some deep sea environment around it. Here we have the first sketch proposal for this.


The Shinkai 6500 deep exploring the depths of the studded world.


Steen working on the Shinkai, in the back you see some Architecture models which he has worked on and the exclusive model of "the lion house" where Ole Kirk lived and worked with his family when the first toys were made in the first floor back in 1932.

Congratulatory message from LEGO® for 50 votes

Hi @guy, it is a great idea to do a model that has Japanese connections.

What lies underneath the surface of the ocean is as mystical as space, some will argue even more mystical, with all its creatures and historical treasures. Before your proposal for a Shinkai 6500 I was not aware of the research being done by JAMSTEC (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology), this model will put more awareness of the work going on in this great space so near to us. It would be great to be able to include the history of the Shinkai 6500 and historic images, and findings of its explorations in the building instructions. Through building the model you will be able to learn and be inspired about the work the scientists at JAMESTEC is conducting and its importance in understanding the earth and in the technology required to go deeper than anyone else. What other material could be in the box?

We are looking forward to this proposal reaching 500 votes so our designers can share their take on a design for the Shinkai 6500.