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The Crowded Bird Bath

An amazing feature to have in any garden, a simple bird bath attracts all sorts of flora and fauna to come and enjoy the cool water, shade and shelter available. Because of this I have designed a small, humble bird bath and added a variety of features, plants and creatures to accompany each other.

The bird bath features a smart and simple design of gold and metal with two separate water features, the main bath area on the top is where the animals can drink or have a bath, it also features a bottom water feature around the central column for smaller animals, the birds can also be displayed around this area if you so wish.

I have created a cute, red squirrel with posable limbs as well as a moveable head and tail allowing it to be positioned however you want, the model features a variety of colours as well as pieces to try and show off its fur around the body, tail and ears.

There are three different species of bird that are featured on the top of the design, one shown splashing on the top of the bath, another can be positioned as if it was flying to or from the bird bath, they can all be placed around the entire set depending on how you want the set to look.
I have also added a caterpillar to the column of the bird bath, with a classic colour scheme and moveable body, the individual sections can be moved from side to side for limited maneuverability

I have added a small variety of fauna including some long grass, a collection of toadstools and a small amount of lilac, I have also built a tree stump that features some acorns for the squirrel to collect.

The entire set features a large base in the shape of a stone wall, the top of the wall featuring on the same level as the plants and top base.

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