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Grand Staircase Of The Titanic


I thank you for your interest in my creation.
I propose to you today the construction in lego of a part of the boat the "TITANIC" and particularly the large staircase located in first class of the boat.

I'm passionate about this ship and lego and finding not in the trade this type of article I decided to build it.

This assembly consists of 2995 bricks.

On the photos appear in particular the large staircase, the mural fresco, in the upper part, and at the base the bronze angel, the lift

and the glass dome.

The construction is in three removable parts.

I deliberately removed the walls of the building, which in my opinion limited the visual aspect of the building.

I think this idea is a good construction set that could interest all the amateurs and passionates of the titanic.

Thank you for supporting me if you share my passion. 

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