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Ambush on the Dragon's Crest

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“The Dragon Knights are back! With their mighty vessel, The Dragon’s Crest, they have stolen treasure from the Black Falcons. Two noble Black Falcons, a knight and an archer, are on a quest to hunt down the treacherous fiends. To do this, they have taken an old forestman’s tree and turned it into a trap. Will the Black Falcons reclaim their treasure or will the Dragon Knight’s escape with their plunder.”

This set is inspired by the LEGO 6057-1 Sea Serpent and LEGO’s classic castle theme. With 646 pieces, this model contains 5 minifigures, 1 horse, an apple tree with a catapult on top, and a medieval boat, The Dragon’s Crest. This model is a great addition to any medieval display.

Minifigures: Black Falcon Archer, Black Falcon Knight, the Black Knight, and two Dragon Soldiers- a Spearman and a Crossbowman

-NOTE: The digital program I used did not have any sails available. The model should have a cloth sail like the original sail.

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