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LEGO Shadow Display Box


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I love collecting LEGO Minifigures and LEGO Brickheadz and until recently, to display them, I had built wooden frames that can be hung on the wall but I've always thought a customizable, brick-built display would be ideal. Thanks to the relatively new Technic wall-hanging block a reliable, strong and fully brick-built shadow box is now possible!

Introducing the LEGO Shadow Display Box!

While this isn't a flashy play set, I believe this would be a fantastic LEGO set because it offers LEGO collectors a fun and interesting way to display their Minifigures, Brickheadz and whatever else they'd like to show off to the world!

The LEGO Shadow Display Box can comfortably display up to 20 LEGO Minifigures or six LEGO Brickheadz within the display box itself, and has the strength to display figures on the top and bottom parts of the frame as well. Check out the images for several display configurations.

The first goal in designing this set was that I wanted it to be customizable. Therefore, my LEGO Ideas set would include additional parts that allow you to:
  • Choose different colors for the background
  • Choose different styles of frame borders
  • Choose different colors of frame borders

Of course, should this make it all the way, LEGO would determine what's ultimately in the box, but in my vision for this product the box would include:
  • The main frame build (my model includes 209 parts)
  • At least two additional color options for the background (16 parts)
  • At least two color options (black/white) for the two-stud-wide frame finish (68 parts)
  • 20 black 2x2 Bracket with centered 1x2 studs for LEGO Minifigure display
  • 12 black 2x2 Bracket with 2x2 studs for LEGO Brickheadz display
  • Slope bricks for a beveled frame look option (49 parts)
  • At least two color options (black/white) for the beveled frame finish with square corners (22 parts)
  • With angled corners (8 parts)
  • With rounded corners (8 parts)
Grand total part count: 412*

The second goal was that it needed to be strong enough to hold figures on the top and bottom portions of the frame which is the main reason why the border is two studs wide. Not only did the two-stud border look more aesthetically pleasing, it also made the entire structure very strong and removed the single-stud frame's tendency to bow with even the smallest amount of weight applied.

So if you're as big a fan of LEGO collectible figures as I am and you'd love to have a fully customizable and brick-built way to display them, please do support this project and let me know in the comments which LEGO series of figures you're going to display on the LEGO Shadow Display Box first!

*Set does not include Minifigures or Brickheadz. Images shown with Minifigures and Brickheadz are display suggestions only.